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Welcome to If you have followed this page or even look below, you will notice that this page have not been updated in over a decade. In fact, the site's been down for I don't even know how long. My wife has some of her stuff up on this site, and for some strange-ass reason, she wants people to be able to access it. Go figure. Anywho, I was able to recover the page by going to's Wayback Machine. In fact, I could have just kept all of the links, and they would've still worked (as links to the Wayback Machine). But since I have to fix everything anyway, I figured I'd just do it.

Now, you probably have noticed that there are these graphics everywhere. That's because none to the links work. I 'm going to try to fix them in the coming weeks, er, months. I've met me. As I do so, I will remove the s.

Rather than having a bunch of different sections that I don't have time to keep updated, I've cut it down to the five links to the left:

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Chris Sturhann, circa 1977.

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