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Welcome to Mary's Garage!! I will be selling locally at the Toy Stars Collectors Expo on May 20, 2017, from 10am-4pm. I’ll have a lot of American & Japanese items for sale. I was able to go to Japan for a shopping extravaganza! I have Fabric, Pokemon, Spaceship Yamato, Ultraman, Vocaloids, Miyazaki treasures and many other Japanese items.
If you are in search of Comic-Con promos and other convention exclusives feel free to email me directly at
I managed to pick up some great 2016, 2015 & 2014 exclusives at Comic-Con. Some of them are: * Archer * Arrow * Divergent * Ever After High * Falling Skies * Game of Thrones * Gotham * Haven *KREO Transformers * Lionsgate * MLP My Little Pony figures * Monster High Dolls * Once Upon A Time * Outlander * Pacific Rim * Panini stickers * Plant vs Zombie *Sharknado! * Sons of Anarchy * Star Trek * Steven Universe * True Blood * Walking Dead * WWE Wrestling More will be listed on the Film & TV Promo page. Looking for Exclusives? I've got them! Contact me to see what I have found. I have items on eBay, but I always have many more unlisted items! :)
I have small sets of Convention pictures posted on Flickr:
  I am constantly sorting items from various conventions, like Anime Expo, WonderCon, Gaslight Gathering, LosCon and the amazing Comic-Con Intl. I have acquired limited edition Exclusives, Viral specials, Panel swag and Exhibit hall Promo items.
SDCC Exclusives at Comic-Con 2016, 2015 & 2014 from TV. Some of them are: * Archer * Arrow * Bob’s Burger * Beneath the Dome QR Code Card * Falling Skies * Game of Thrones * Grimm * Haven * It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia * MLP My Little Pony figures * Monster High Dolls * Once Upon A Time * Orphan Black * Outlander * Penny Dreadful * Regular Show * True Blood * Vikings * Walking Dead *

   Movies 2013 - 2017   I have items from * Ender's Game * Divergent * Warm Bodies * Sinister * Pacific Rim * Star Trek * Reds * RIPD * Expendables 1 & 2 * Total Recall * Prometheus / Weyland * Judge Dredd * Possession * The Avengers * Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter * Hunger Games * Resident Evil * Twilight: Breaking Dawn * ParaNorman * Hotel Transylvania * Mars Attacks * The Campaign * and many more.

   Television 2013 - 2017   there is * Elementary * Person of Interest * Once Upon A Time * Beauty & the Beast * Bob's Burgers * Spartacus * Falling Skies * Fringe * Game of Thrones * True Blood * Walking Dead * Arrow * 666 Park Ave * Revolution * Two Broke Girls * Adventure Time * Phineas & Ferb * MLP My Little Pony * Homeland * Bones * Ringer * Buffy * Covert Affairs * Glee * Napoleon Dynamite * The River * Beavis & Butthead * NCIS: Los Angeles * Penn & Teller * Pokemon * Psych * Teen Wolf * Warehouse 13 * Haven * Burn Notice * Eureka * Cleveland Show * Its Always Sunny Vampire Diaries * Star Wars * Simpson's * Supernatural * Adult Swim * VIZ Neon Alley & Toonami Anime. Take a l@@k here or on eBay.

   Books   * Christine Feehan's Ghostwalkers * Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunters * Laurell K Hamilton's Anita Blake * Hill & Rodriguez's Locke & Key * Monster High * Beautiful Creatures * Game of Thrones * True Blood * Bones *

Ducksnorts is a fantastic site for Baseball fans. My friend Geoff has been blogging the Padres since 1997. He even has books out. This is a huge site with links to everything baseball. Here is the website Please take a look, if you love baseball.

My friend AJ is selling off part of his Statue/Bust, Sketchagraph and Autograph card collections. New ones will be posted at his discretion. I can put you in direct contact with him, if you'd like. He is already on eBay. His name is "wasteofmoney" on eBay, with ALL positive feedback.

I sold my comic collection to Thou Shalt Game. They are a southern California store with a lot going for them. They host gaming tournaments, both TCG and Video. Plus they sell Action figures and Comics. Check them out for NEW items & a few classics at

I normally have my auctions from Sunday - Sunday. Adult only auctions occasionally run Saturday - Saturday. But Please ... IF there is something you want, email me & we will work something out.
Due to eBay's new and funky Feedback policy I will greatly reduce my auctions in protest & self preservation. I will continue to work on updating my website each Month. I have more stuff than I can ever post. Just email me if you are looking for something.

I don't trade or sell many US retail items (mostly Japanese), I leave that to the stores. But I do have Trading Cards, Comics, Gaming and Ty Beanies. Also Mighty Beanz from Marvel, Pokemon & TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). Plus lots of magic motion lenticular promos from various places!

Can't find something? Just Ask. I always have 100's of things that I have yet to take a picture of. Anime, Pencil Boards, Books, Comics, Figures...There just isn't enough time. All items are in a Smoke-free environment.

Under Construction for August & September will be all the wonderful things I picked up at Comic-Con: San Diego, WonderCon and Anime Expo. I am also continuing to remove all the links to items that I sold out of the previous month. I am slowly updating pages with new / old stock information.

I found some new/old Sailor Moon, Magic Knight Rayearth, Inu Yasha, Precure & other Anime items. I have some great new Tron / Flynn Lives, Twilight: New Moon, Animal Crossing, Digimon, Pokemon, Lilo & Stitch, Fresh Pretty Cure / Heart Catch, Mermaid Melody & Movie Promos.

I accept various forms of payment, but prefer Paypal. Paypal is secure and I never have to wonder where did the money go...and neither will YOU! Paypal does charge a fee to sellers. That fee is getting higher just like eBay and everything else. I will be charging a rate of 50 cents to $1.00 for handling. The handling fee will help to offset the cost of Shipping supplies, eBay & Paypal's fee. I am NOT passing along the whole cost to the buyer, $1.00 will NOT cover all the fees I have to deal with. US postage is based on the actual weight of the item & its ability to be processed through the machines. So a small metal Pin that weights under an ounce costs more because it is lumpy. Postage Rates have changed again. Priority mail Packages cost more. Please don't blame me for the postal services drama. I will still mail items out quickly (within 48 hrs, Mon - Thu) and keep in contact with buyers.

Despite my spiffy web site, I have not really opened up a business. I'm just being extremely organized with my obsession with Anime and Toys. In order to afford my new/old things I have to sell my old/old things. I consider it merely a rotation of stock. Since the new things I will be getting are usually someone else's old things.    :-)

This is were you come in. 99% of the things you see on this site are for sale. Some are priced between what I paid for them and what the current market value is. But in Most cases, they are what I originally paid for them or less. Please take a few dozen items off my hands, open them up & play with them.

Information & Silly Warnings

Icons Are Free. I have collected thousands of cool icons. Many are anime & toy related ones. I do not own them and I did not make them. I downloaded them for free. The Icon Factory site provides some of the BEST free icons on the web. Often these icons are based on animation characters. Soup up your desktop with Gundam, Astroboy, Evangelion & more!

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